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Look for something positive

By Liz Parmar | Apr 2, 2020

“Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.”​ This terrible virus, and the subsequent lockdown, is almost dream-like in its sudden arrival. It feels like we are all living in a disaster movie. The last time I felt like this, I was a teenager living … Read more

A healthy mind

By Liz Parmar | Aug 5, 2019

I chose a picture at 10 years after my youngest daughter was born, because 3 months is where everyone kept telling me I’d be “back” to where I was. I’d have the fitness SnapBack. That wasn’t my journey. I was not disappointed….nor was I sad that I didn’t live up to the expectation a lot … Read more

Life is pretty amazing

By Liz Parmar | Apr 5, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day! • The reality of having children • It’s been a while since a little voice was saying: “Mummy, it’s morning time”, whilst I’d barely nodded off. I was told years ago by my children’s nanny whom I asked after a very difficult day at work when I came home in tears, to … Read more

Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019

By Liz Parmar | Jan 2, 2019

The pressure to have the perfect family is at its greatest. Social media is an exhibition of what the perfect family should look like. Siblings who call themselves best friends, parents or partners who never argue…. There are families that are suffering painfully from grief, families overshadowed by health issues. Single-parent families. No-parent families. Estranged … Read more

Flying Without Wings

By Liz Parmar | Sep 22, 2018

Last weekend I got to fly, and it wasn’t by flying in an airplane. It was by jumping out of one from 15,000 feet. Yes! I did skydiving. I did it for the charity close to my heart, and in memory of my dad. My family and I have been left devastated by my dad’s … Read more

Featured in Sports World Magazine

By Liz Parmar | Dec 14, 2017

I’ve learned….I can’t change this, but I can conquer it!

By Liz Parmar | Nov 29, 2017

“Dream. Inspire. Courage. Harmony.” Forty is all about balancing family and career which provides a sense of purpose to one’s life. While this perpetual juggling act can be stressful, a 40-year-old woman has learned to combat this by surrounding herself with a supportive network of friends, and family and making time for self-care. After a … Read more

My life may not be perfect, but I am blessed!

By Liz Parmar | Aug 14, 2017

Dear Self, This is going to be your year. So dust yourself off and get started. Every time you doubt yourself know that everyone successful was once where you are – they just did not quit. Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will all be … Read more