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Liz Parmar

A financial director with flair, reliable professional with broad knowledge of all accounting, financial and business principles, strategic thinker and effective leader who can make the most profitable decisions.
A practical and cost effective solution to your business.

Certification IoD membership
Certification Date May 2017 – Present License 3072303
Certification authority Institute of Directors Young Directors Forum - Central London Branch

About Me

I am a senior-level finance leader with over a decade of experience helping corporations to achieve optimal growth through strategic financial planning and leadership. An austere fiscal steward, I am viscerally driven to help corporations actualize their vision through strong fiscal discipline and prudent decision-making.

Liz Financial Consulting Services

As a Finance Director I oversee all financial aspects of business and drive the company’s financial strategy and planning. I am responsible for assessing the financial performance of the company as well as possible risks and investments. The goal is to guide the company towards profitability and long-term success.

My Skills

I am a reliable professional with broad knowledge to all accounting, financial and business principles, strategic thinker and effective leader who can make the most profitable decisions. My skills include Financial Analysis and Forecasting, Budget Formulation, Reporting Revenue Recognition and Analysis, and Process improvement


Why our customers love working with Liz Parmar

Alan D. Taylor

Managing Partner, Collabreo

'Liz is a very thorough and committed finance professional, with good people skills and great commercial awareness across many sectors.'

30 August, 2016, Alan D worked with Liz at Liz Financial Consulting Services Ltd

Fabien Ghys

Helps Senior Executives secure high-flying roles.

'It's rare to come across standout talent like Liz. I had the chance to cross her path in February 2017.
On top of being extremely pleasant to deal with, I was amazed by her career history.
I was particularly impressed by her expertise in Financial Analysis, Credit & Risk Management, Fintech and Budget Formulation.
Oh and she's one of the most approachable person I've met in my whole life!
I'd recommend any recruiter or business owner to get in touch with Liz: having her on board would be a competitive advantage for any company eager to grow its business!'

18 March, 2017, Fabien managed Liz directly.

Elize Cookson

Language specialist; The CV Branch 

'Liz has been a wonderful client to work for; she was kind, but also knew what she wanted. And she wouldn’t brook delays. We’ve spent a lot of time together while working on her CV documents, and I can, with confidence, say that she is professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Her financial acumen is beyond reproach and extensive. She is a genius with numbers, and she has a special flair for communication, dealing with clients and suppliers alike.
Liz is a fundraiser and ambassador for the UK Stroke Association, and it’s clear that she cares, not only about her own career, but also for others. An indispensable quality to have.'

30 August, 2016, Elize was a consultant or contractor to Liz at Liz Financial Consulting Services Ltd

Ramy Sleiman

Chief Executive Officer 

'Liz is a very professional Finance Director, she's passionate very orientated, dedicated and talented. She's a very patient person and when it goes to accounting and audit she's the best. I was so happy working with you Liz and I think everyone else has to be happy having you in their team since you are absolutely a big added value to any organization.'

30 August, 2016, Ramy managed Liz indirectly at Liz Financial Consulting Services Ltd

My specialisations include:

✲ Financial Analysis, Planning, & Forecasting
✲ Budget Formulation & Taxation
✲ Due Diligence, M&A, & Compliance
✲ Credit & Risk Management
✲ Process Improvement & FinTech
✲ Management, Training, & Development

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

UK Stroke Association

I am an Ambassador, Volunteer and Fundraiser for the UK Stroke Association. I lost my dad to stroke and supporting this great cause is my way of paying tribute to the man who I call Dad.

I would like to encourage you to view the YouTube video for my first fundraising experience.

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