Vuk Latincic

Director, Ganymede Care Ltd

Ganymede Care Limited “Ganymede” engaged Liz Parmar as a financial consultant November 2020 – August 2022. Ganymede engaged Liz specifically to review the finance team’s operations and activities. During Liz’s engagement, she was further involved with new software implementation and a company VAT review and exercise.

I have worked closely with Liz during the entirety of this period. Liz has dealt with a high volume of work in an industry that she historically hasn’t had experience. Although there was a steep learning threshold, she managed the process and implementation extremely well. One example of this was the implementation of a new care management software in a nursing centre in London.

Liz has always demonstrated a positive attitude towards complex and new challenges, which is an admirable professional quality. She would analyse the tasks and challenges, and then subsequently offer solutions. The solutions which were taken on board were implemented positively and achieved valuable results for Ganymede.

Liz worked well with senior board members and junior members of Ganymede. She has a personable and comforting approach which was well received by individuals that she worked with.

I am very grateful for the contributions Liz has provided to Ganymede and has undoubtedly added value to the company.

7 September, 2022

Genevieve LeJeune

CEO and Founder, Skirt Club Limited

Liz has become the backbone of my organisation, she is incredibly quick and always reliable. Most of all, she’s ahead of the curve in helping us find solutions for our tax, accounting and investment needs.

18 December, 2020

Petra Brown

Helping people in need is a good and essential part of my role, a kind of destiny.

Liz is a solutions focused professional that inspires confidence. I have known Liz for a number of years and without exception she has always delivered in an engaging and collaborative way. Her ability to fully understand requirements and then seek a timely and effective solution are second to none. Liz operates as a true strategic partner with fantastic commercial awareness, strong technical knowledge and in every project she has received strong feedback from people she has worked with/for. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz.

05 September, 2019

Mark Lawson

Finance & Accountancy Executive Search Recruitment Specialist

Liz is a pleasure to work with, she is an uber professional Finance Director, she’s passionate about her work and providing a first class service, is detail orientated, personable and has a strong background of experience to draw upon. I have been happy working with Liz and would recommend her to any company who are looking for a Senior Finance professional who can add value to a business.

16 January, 2019

Joe Sapak

CEO at ExclusiveGP

When Liz Parmar asked me if I would write a letter of recommendation for her, I didn’t hesitate. This letter was easy for me to write.
Liz is not only a person of integrity, she is highly professional and punctural. During her tenure with us, I could always depend on Liz to deliver. She is energetic, accurate, fair minded, dependable, and mostly importantly, possesses a wonderful sense of humour. Programs used by Liz during her time at the company included Salesforce, Xero and Futrli and Google Sheets to the highest of standards.
We would hire her back in a minute, but our company is very small with no advancement opportunities for someone with Liz talents. She would definitely contribute and thrive in a complex, fast paced organization.
Do yourself a favour. Hire Liz.

7 December, 2017


Matthew Johnson

Consultant at Stanton House | a different kind of recruitment consultancy. 4x Entrepreneur, 2x Business Exit

Liz is a conscientious senior finance professional who has been a pleasure to work with. Liz gives everything to her work and is able to deliver value-add solutions in challenging environments. Liz’s work ethic is second to none and her ability to delve into the detail while also seeing the bigger picture is most useful as a talented Finance Director.

8 December, 2017, Liz was a client of Matthew’s

Richard Francis

CFO at Netcentric

I had the pleasure working with Liz on an M&A project and she helped on a number of key parts for the Virtual Data Room on the Due Diligence phase of the project. She always did whatever was needed to get the job done and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

2 December, 2017, Richard managed Liz directly.

Nick Eaves

Director – Stanton House

Liz Parmar was placed by Stanton House into a Chief Financial Officer Role for a short contract between 15th  September  2017 until 16th  October 2017. I can confirm that Liz fulfilled the role to the highest professional standards and we would have no hesitation in recommending her as an excellent finance professional and in working with her again for future contracts.

23 October, 2017

Alan D. Taylor

Managing Partner, Collabreo

‘Liz is a very thorough and committed finance professional, with good people skills and great commercial awareness across many sectors.’

30 August, 2016, Alan D worked with Liz at Liz Financial Consulting Services Ltd

Fabien Ghys

Helps Senior Executives secure high-flying roles.

‘It’s rare to come across standout talent like Liz. I had the chance to cross her path in February 2017.
On top of being extremely pleasant to deal with, I was amazed by her career history.
I was particularly impressed by her expertise in Financial Analysis, Credit & Risk Management, Fintech and Budget Formulation.
Oh and she’s one of the most approachable person I’ve met in my whole life!
I’d recommend any recruiter or business owner to get in touch with Liz: having her on board would be a competitive advantage for any company eager to grow its business!’

18 March, 2017, Fabien managed Liz directly.

Elize Cookson

Language specialist; The CV Branch 

‘Liz has been a wonderful client to work for; she was kind, but also knew what she wanted. And she wouldn’t brook delays. We’ve spent a lot of time together while working on her CV documents, and I can, with confidence, say that she is professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Her financial acumen is beyond reproach and extensive. She is a genius with numbers, and she has a special flair for communication, dealing with clients and suppliers alike.
Liz is a fundraiser and ambassador for the UK Stroke Association, and it’s clear that she cares, not only about her own career, but also for others. An indispensable quality to have.’

30 August, 2016, Elize was a consultant or contractor to Liz at Liz Financial Consulting Services Ltd

Ramy Sleiman

Chief Executive Officer 

‘Liz is a very professional Finance Director, she’s passionate very orientated, dedicated and talented. She’s a very patient person and when it goes to accounting and audit she’s the best. I was so happy working with you Liz and I think everyone else has to be happy having you in their team since you are absolutely a big added value to any organization.’

30 August, 2016, Ramy managed Liz indirectly at Liz Financial Consulting Services Ltd

Paul Bray

Senior Manager – Robert Half Guildford

Liz has worked through RH on an interim basis on a number of occasions and has proved to be both technically strong and extremely reliable.
She has proven her ability to join an organisation and hit the ground running with very little handover. I would highly recommend her as a reliable, honest and technically able accounting & finance interim.

11 May, 2016, Liz was a client of Paul’s

Mike Parkinson

Group CFO at DC Advisory

Liz has a truly outstanding level of commitment. Her sense of responsibility, her ownership of the roles that she takes on and her immense reserves of energy are inspirational. She is also a delightful individual – engaging, funny and compassionate. She has all the skills that you would expect of a very accomplished financial professional and brings with those skills the attributes of a true business leader.

6 April, 2016, Mike was Liz’s mentor

Nadine Brathwaite

GEMS EGM Invoicing and Settlements Analyst at BG Group – Currently in the market for new opportunities

Since starting at BG Group, Liz has become a valued member of our team and her work has been of high and excellent standards. Liz is always happy to help and listen as well as suggest where positive changes should be made so the work is more efficient and completed in timely manner. I would highly recommend Liz! I am confident in saying Liz would be a great asset to any team and business.

16 April, 2015, Liz worked with Nadine in the same group

Sunny Thakkar

Company Growth Partners

Liz is a very smart, switched on person, she knows what she is talking about and has a good eye for detail. What is great about her is her ability to spot when things are not right or feels right and when she has that feeling she is 100% correct. I have no hesitation at all in recommending her to anyone. A dynamic and professional young lady.

7 April, 2015, Sunny worked with Liz in different groups

Mark Hawkins FCA

Chief Financial Officer at Invest & Fund

I have recently been working with Liz, assisting with the structure for development and growth needed to take her business to the next level. i have found that Liz’s work is both intelligent and accurate, and she has demonstrated to me a very high capability that would be a huge asset to any business. Anyone requiring any form of management accountancy work, such as budgets, projections, cash flows, one-off funding projects, spreadsheet work or simply needs an extra pair of hands who can work quickly and unsupervised at the busiest times of the year, would do well to engage Liz Financial Services, whom I unhesitatingly recommend.

6 January, 2015, Liz was a client of Mark’s

Bruno Dente

Partner at Deloitte

I have known Liz for many years.

The word that best describes Liz is dedicated. She commits herself fully to any responsibility she undertakes. She has also displayed a great deal of tenacity in completing her studies while working and raising a family, her time management skills are excellent.

Liz continuously strives to grow and improve.

13 January, 2014, Bruno worked with Liz but at different companies

Phil Riddles

BDM / Account Mngr / Channel Sales Manager – Hunter / Farmer / Innovator

I worked with Liz at a new start-up venture and we were doing things for the first time. Liz took away a lot of the organisation and management burden from the senior management team to allow them to focus on our innovative mobile phone back-up and sync solution and getting it into UK MNO’s/MVNO’s/VAR’s.

Liz was responsible for setting up the finance processes in the UK as well as India, Middle East and US, implementing accounting and payroll systems.

As a manager Liz added a safe pair of hands, the junior members of staff often went to her for guidance.

5 August, 2013, Phil worked with Liz in different groups